Rocket Stoves - Courses, Demonstrations, Workshops and Sales
Eco friendly wood powered cooking stoves....
Outdoor cooking using just a few twigs!
Portable, lightweight, camping stoves made from re-cycled tin cans.
Great for festivals/ hiking/ camping/ outdoor cooking at home.
Highly fuel efficient and
   easy to use.
How it all works....
The joys of cooking outdoors on an open fire are unequivocal. Add to this the satisfaction of maximum efficiency and minimum fuel use.
Rocket stoves are simple cooking stoves that are amazingly fuel efficient and run on twigs and small diameter lengths of wood. 
They were developed for use in third world countries where fuel can be scarce or overused when in abundance, and where millions of people have died from smoke inhalation through cooking on open fires.
Rocket Stoves consist of a horizontal or vertical fuel feed with an air inlet underneath, and a short, well insulated chimney.Where the two meet is a combustion chamber, which, due to the flow of air and the insulation, quickly reaches an intense heat.
This ensures complete combustion of the fuel, meaning most of the harmful gasses and smoke are burnt up before they can be released.
 Only the tips of the wood burns as it is slowly fed into the stove, maximizing fuel use.
The stove is insulated so that less heat is lost, meaning more heat will reach the cooking pot, increasing efficiency furthermore.
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